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Common Technical Issues Faced by Users

Please take a moment to read through the following for a better understanding on how to overcome commonly reported technical issues.

(1) PACE Academy e-Services Diagnostics Page (Pop-Up issue)

This is service is provided for your convenience as it will assist to determine whether your device is configured according to the technical requirements of our online services i.e. to ensure the smooth processing of your application and/or payment.

Most post-2000 internet browsers have configured pop-ups to be blocked by default and cookies automatically enabled. Therefore, this error might be most commonly experienced by users:

Self-diagnostic test page

Please refer to the following link on how you may find help to unblock your pop-up or enable it.

Self-Help Guide - Pop up issue (Might take some time to load)

(2) Operating under highly secured networks or strict IT policy

Some users might be attempting registration/payment using a company issued notebook or device which may be heavily controlled in terms of technical features and configuration. This will prevent you from enabling pop-ups/cookies.

You are also advised not to attempt any registration or payment while being connected to either a highly secured network or a network which has strict IT policy e.g. firewall configurations etc. This is because our online services may be affected under such conditions.

You should be able to overcome this by simply:

If you are required to do the registration officially using your company issued notebook or device, please send in a request for a direct registration link by contacting us at the PACE Hotline at 6772 1288 or email to

(3) Error message - ORACLE/CEMS User Login Page (Requesting for UserID and Password)

This is an irregular response from our server which could be due to several reasons including:

CEMS error

If the above error is encountered, users are advised to perform the following:

  1. Completely clear your cache, cookies, browser history and temporary files and restart the browser afresh AND/OR

  2. Shutdown the notebook or device completely (for smartphones, please ensure the app is killed/deactivated first) and turning it back on again.

After doing so, please make another attempt at registration/payment.

(4) Error Message - “Please do not close this window” Page Status

This is a response from our server which is caused by a default pop-up blocking feature found on your device or internet browser. (You might have somehow skipped the Diagnostics Test)

You may simply proceed to enable your pop-ups as per the solutions recommended under Issue (1) above.

(5) Unable to click on the “Next” Button during registration

In order to be able to click on the “Next” button during registration, ensure that you have clicked the “Save” button first. Do not click on the “Main Menu” button as it will reset the form.

If you are unable to proceed, look out for any prompted message in red found on the form. You should resolve those messages in order to proceed with your registration.

Quick Troubleshooting Checklist

If you got lost in the explanation above, you may refer to this checklist for a quick run down of the explanations:

1) Use your personal network to connect to the internet.

(Office network may adversely affect our online service because of certain firewall configurations etc.)

2) Perform registration after a proper shutdown and reboot.

(This is to prevent/clear any cache/cookie problems)

3) Use an up-to-date computer and stable internet browser.

(e.g. most updated windows patch, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

4) Try not to multi-task while attempting registration.

Do not run other programs requiring resource intensive programs.

5) Set aside sufficient time for your registration

Do not risk being timed out.

6) Check your inputs

Take your time to ensure that all information provide are accurate, correct and error-free. (After completing each registration stage, click on the “Save” button and after that the “Next” button to proceed on.)

7) Click on the “Proceed” button

Please note down your Registration ID to end the entire registration process for your reference.

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