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Attending a course at the PACE Academy

Step 1: Search for a course

How do I search for CET courses and find relevant course details on the PACE Academy website?

Navigate to your programme/course web page by clicking here –> PACE Full Course Listing Please ensure that you have understood the requirements of the programme/course as well as its application procedure.

You may also refer to the instructional video below:

Step 2: Understand course details

Minimum Entry Requirements and Supporting documents

Before registering, please ensure that you are familiar with the Minimum Entry Requirements and prepare the relevant documents in softcopy to support your registration, among other things.

For example, if a course requires that you are required to meet the O levels qualification, please scan your O Levels results in PDF format and upload it during your registration.

Step 3: Check for course availability

(i) Find the next intake/run details

Refer to the programme/course web page for upcoming intake/run details. It will usually be displayed under Important Dates on the right portion of the webpage.

Find Course Dates

(ii) Determine availability

If there is an upcoming intake/run stated on the programme/course web page, you may determine availability (placements are limited and on first-come-first-application basis) by clicking on the “Register Here” button.

Available Course Dates

(iii) Choosing an available intake/run

If there is no course date displayed, the course offered on our web page may have yet to open or is already closed for registration. You may register for this service to be notified once registration for the next course run is made available - Registration of Interest (ROI)*

Otherwise, if an intake/run date is available you to register, you will be automatically be shown dates as per the following example.

Choose Course Date

Step 4: Prepare to register

(i) Accepted Mode of Registration

Please note that registration for ALL programmes/courses offered by the PACE Academy, Singapore Polytechnic, is done strictly online. We do not accept any manual/hardcopy registration or registration via the phone or email for proper administrative and security purposes.

(ii) Types of Registrations: Individual, Group or Company Sponsored?

Depending on the course offered, there are several options for registration such as the following:

(iii) Proceeding with registration

In order to choose and register for the preferred course run schedule, fill in the information and acknowledgements required, and the “Apply” column will appear automatically on the right side.

Note: If you disagree with or cannot meet the requirements, you should not/will not be allowed to proceed with the registration

You may then click on any of the registration options to proceed as per the examples illustrated below:

Register Options


Fill information

(iv) Who should be registering?

(v) Self-Diagnostics Test

To facilitate your registration, please proceed with the diagnostics test. These tests are non-invasive and designed/intended to ensure smooth and reliable experience with our e-services. If further action is required from you, please follow the guides as prompted.

Note: Under some circumstances, you might find a blank page after clicking the Proceed button. Press F5 on your keyboard to refresh/reload the page.

Step 5: Register

(i) Complete the registration form through all the stages.

Please input all mandatory fields with relevant information. Please be accurate and complete at every stage of the registration.

If you had chosen to register using your SingPass account, the “Populate Details from MyInfo” button should be visible on the top right of the registration form (as shown below) Click on it to activate the auto-fill should be visible on the top right of the registration form (as shown below). Click on it to activate the auto fill service.

Singpass-Myinfo option

To proceed to the next stage of registration, click on the Save button and followed by the Next button:

BEFORE clicking on the Save button Save before Next

AFTER clicking on the Save button Next to Proceed

(ii) Attaching supporting documents

Certain programme/course registration will require you to upload your supporting documents along with your registration.

Note: For some courses, the uploading of personal identification documents such as NRIC is required and necessary in order to ascertain the applicant’s eligibility for course subsidies provided by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and/or other agencies. This is in line with PDPC’s NRIC advisory guidelines to ensure the appropriate use of public funds.

For this purpose, you would need to upload your attachment by clicking on the “Add Attachment” button.

Attach doc

If you need to upload more documents, you may do so by clicking on the “Add Another Doc” button as illustrated below.

On the other hand, you may remove a row by clicking on the “Delete Row” button.

Attach more docs

(iii) Concluding registration

Check the details under the Registration Summary page. This is the final stage of registration.

If you would like to proceed to confirm the registration, click on the “Proceed” button.

Finish Registration

Step 6: Make payment online

Note: This guide is meant for those who are registering as individuals or in a group where payment is expected immediately after registration. For company sponsored registrations, please await for further payment instructions based on our invoicing.

(i) Preparing your device

Please ensure that your pop-up is enabled (or blocker disabled) before proceeding further. This should have been resolved by the Self-Diagnostic Test page.

(ii) Choice of Internet Browser

If you are unable to use Internet Edge or Safari, we recommend using Google Chrome instead.

(iii) Registration ID

It is important for you to have your Registration ID for this purpose. If you have just completed registration, this process will be seamless.

Please contact us through our hotline at +65 6772-1288 or email us at for further assistance if you are unsure or facing certain difficulty.

Access our online payment by clicking here –> PACE Online Payment

When prompted, input in your Registration ID in the field and proceed by clicking on the View Details button.

Please inspect the payment details displayed. To proceed, click on the “Pay Now’ button.

(v) Payment options for Online Payment

You may choose to make payment online through either the following:

After which, you may input the required payment information accordingly. Please check the information provided before proceeding. Also, it might help if you check with your bank on whether your card is authorised to perform online transactions.

Once done, click on the Submit button to proceed. Please take note of the transaction outcome on whether it is successful or not. If the payment attempt is unsuccessful, you may make another attempt at payment by repeating the above.

After making the payment and determine that it was successful, you are strongly encouraged to check your bank balance or other notifications to confirm that the amount has been deducted accordingly.

Otherwise, please contact us through our hotline at +65 6772-1288 or email us at for further assistance.

You may also refer to the video below:

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