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Making a Withdrawal/Cancellation

(i) How to withdrawal/cancel a registeration?

You may withdraw from a course/programme or cancel a registration at any time by submitting a Withdrawal Form to the PACE Academy.

To submit a Withdrawal Form, please click on the corresponding link:

(a) For part-time diploma or post diploma programme

(b) For all other courses (WSQ, Short Courses etc.)

(ii) Considerations before withdrawing/cancelling a registration

However, there may be consequences following a withdrawal/cancellation:

(1) If payment was made/received, you will be refunded according to the following, based on when the Withdrawal Form is received:

(2) For certain courses/programmes, you may no longer be eligible for the same subsidies if you wish to resume.

(3) Having made the withdrawal/cancellation, you will no longer be able to complete or continue with the rest of the course/programme.

(4) For all courses/programmes, you will not be placed on a priority list to be offered a placement should you decide to resume. (You will be required to make another registration/payment accordingly).

(5) For part time diploma/post diploma students, you may make a withdrawal and resume to complete the programme within the candidature period, subject to module and placement availability. We do not have a deferment policy. These students must write in to before the start of the upcoming semester if they wish to re-join/ continue with the programme.

NB: Refund may take up to 6-8 weeks.

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